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Kids Bee Happy Laura - Sand Art

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Laura Trethowan
Kids Bee Happy - Independent Consultant
Derbyshire, Staffordshire, Nottinghamshire
DE22 2TB
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Daytime Events, Evening Events, Events / Stalls, Home Parties / Party Plan
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Kids Bee Happy
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What is Sand Art? Kids Bee Happy is a hands-on interactive experience, colouring pictures using brightly coloured sand to create amazing pictures. It’s as easy as 1,2,3!  1. Peel of a pre-cut, section of your picture (using little pick).  2. Choose which colour sand and sprinkle it onto the pre-glued picture. 3. Repeat! Until you’ve coloured in all the sections. The pre-glued pictures come in 4 different sizes – Oval, A6, A5 and A4. The activity is virtually mess free and creates a lovely masterpiece every time. When the picture is complete, we can put it into a plastic sleeve to protect it and so that it can be kept and displayed at home.

SandArt picture workshops are entertaining, educational, and inspiring whilst they encourage creativity, imagination, concentration, artistic abilities and also help to develop fine motor skills. The activity is fully inclusive and are especially suitable for children with disabilities and special needs to enjoy an activity alongside everyone else.

Value for Money. The great thing about SandArt is how it entertains so many children for so long. Very few entertainment options are suitable for everyone from toddlers through to teenagers and beyond. This makes it fabulous value for money and unlike many other activities such as bouncy castles, you really don’t have to worry about the weather. If it's warm and sunny we can take the SandArt tables outside, if it is cold and wet then we can do Sand Art inside.

Who is it suitable for? Kids Bee Happy is the UK’s original and largest manufacturer of Sand Art pictures - producing hundreds of thousands of pictures every year, including seasonal ranges such as Easter, Halloween and Christmas. The variety of picture designs means that it is suitable for a very wide range of people. From toddlers through to elderly people with dementia. However, it’s most popular core ages and groups would be children aged from 3 to 13, and their parents. The mix of pictures also means that its equally popular with boys and girls, and we promote it as a gender-neutral activity.

Environmental and Toys Safety Standards. Kids Bee Happy products are produced to the highest environmental and toy safety standards. - All products comply with EN Directive 2009/48/EC which dictates the highest standards for Toy Safety. - Sand Art pictures, and packaging, are made from Recycled paper products. - No animal product or Palm oil is used in the preparation of the products - Sand is dyed using a non-toxic, colourfast, eco dye. - Sand is subject to a microbiology test. Products and Warnings The products are sold as not being suitable for children under 3 due to risk of choking from small parts. This means that if the child unscrews and then puts the tube caps in their mouth there could be a risk of choking. Apart from normal packaging safety there are no other aspects unsuitable for under 3yrs.

About Me & What I offer as a KBH Independent Consultant. As a KBH Sand Art Consultant I have a DBS certificate and personal liability insurance and can offer Sand Art Events, Workshops, Parties and Borrow Boxes to Schools, clubs, after school clubs, play groups, soft plays, care homes and special events. Events are where I bring everything needed to run a Sand Art activity (indoor or outside) and people choose what they would like to do and pay per picture.

The pre-glued pictures come in 4 different sizes: Oval (£3), A6 (£3), A5(£4) and A4(£5). This is a total price for the activity and depending upon the age I can have 10-15 working around the table at a time.

Workshops are where I work with a small number of people for about an hour. Cost is £5 per person plus £2 per picture. Minimum number of people is 8. This is a popular option for nursing and care homes.

Parties: 1 hr = £50 plus £4 per child (1 Large Picture each).  1hr 30 = £75 Plus £6 per child (1 Large 1 Small Picture each). 2 hrs = £100 plus £8 per child (2 Large Pictures each).

Borrow Boxes. Here, instead of me attending an event or running a workshop, you borrow the sand and equipment and pay a reduced activity price per picture Oval (£2.50), A6 (£2.50), A5(£3) and A4(£3.50). Everything is supplied free of charge for you to borrow and you are not charged for unused pictures.

Please get in touch if you would like to book or need any further information. email: Instagram:@kidsbeehappylaura or message me on Facebook!

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