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Bar in the Box - Vintage Horsebox & Rustic Indoor Bar Service

Company: Bar in the Box
Contact: Nicola Fincham
Counties: Cheshire, Greater Manchester, Lancashire

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The Racing Bug Radio Control Racing Attraction for Events

Company: The Racing Bug
Contact: Martin
Counties: Buckinghamshire, Cheshire, Essex

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Sunshine Stalls Prize Darts Fairground Style Side Stall

Company: Sunshine Stalls
Contact: Ian Walker-Turner
Counties: Flintshire, Cheshire, Denbighshire

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Mobile Glitter & Glam Bar

Mobile Glitter & Glam Bar

Company: All That Glitters
Contact: Linda
Counties: Greater Manchester, Lancashire, Cheshire

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Just Desserts and Milkshakes

Company: Just Desserts and Milkshakes Ltd
Contact: Sarah Hughes
Counties: Wrexham, Cheshire, Shropshire

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Designs by Dyannach - Unique upcycled / recreated jewellery

Designs by Dyannach - Unique upcycled / recreated jewellery

Company: Designs by Dyannach
Contact: Dianna Ellson
Counties: Cheshire, West Midlands, Gwynedd

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Tipple Time Events Company Mobile Bar: For all occasions

Company: Tipple Time Events Company
Contact: Jenni West
Counties: Cheshire, Lancashire, Greater Manchester

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Horsebox Mobile Bar

Company: Gin & Fizz Inc
Contact: Gemma Bailey
Counties: Cheshire, Lancashire, Merseyside

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Skincare and Cosmetics by Temple Spa

Company: Temple Spa
Contact: Mhari Oakes
County: Cheshire

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Bray's Bazaar - Craft Stall

Company: Bray's Bazaar
Contact: Amanda Bray
County: Cheshire

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Stephanie Ward - Independent Tropic Skincare Manager

Company: Tropic Skincare
Contact: Stephanie Ward
Counties: Berkshire, Hampshire, Cheshire

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Artisan Roasted Coffee & Alcohol Horse Box

Company: Arcadian Lifestyle Ltd 'The Raw Tipple'
Contact: John Mudiman
Counties: Cheshire, Shropshire

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Handmade Design Technology Kits for Children by Jon Cole

Company: Cole Arts
Contact: Jon Cole
County: Cheshire

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Poppy K - Personalised & Thoughtful Jewellery & Gifts

Company: Poppy K
Contact: Poppy
Counties: Greater Manchester, Cheshire, Merseyside

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The Station Wagon is a mobile gaming company for your party!

Company: Code to Exit Ltd
Contact: Andy
Counties: Greater Manchester, Cheshire

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Tropic Skincare with Sarah Farrelly

Company: Tropic Skincare with Sarah Farrelly
Contact: Sarah Farrelly
Counties: Merseyside, Cheshire, Lancashire

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Big Top Treats - Fun Food & Entertainment

Company: Big Top Treats
Contact: Karen Dodd
Counties: Greater Manchester, Cheshire, Lancashire

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Pop up Fashion Boutique - Ladies' Fashion & Accesories

Company: Pop up Fashion Boutique
Contact: Jane
Counties: Cheshire, Lancashire, Anglesey

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The Thirsty Mare, Mobile Bar

Company: The Thirsty Mare
Contact: Tina
Counties: Greater Manchester, Cheshire

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The Old Mule Bar

Company: The Old Mule Bar
Contact: Andrew
Counties: Cheshire, Derbyshire, Greater Manchester

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