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Little Panjab Food Co - Authentic Indian Street Food

Company: Little Panjab Food Company
Contact: David Singh
Counties: Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire

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Himalayan Salt Lamps & Salt Products

Company: Himalayan Wellbeing
Contact: Jayne Symonds
Counties: Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire

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Superbrands Perfumes ExAirline Stocks

Superbrands Perfumes ExAirline Stocks

Company: Superbrands
Contact: Philip Hadden
County: Bedfordshire

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H&C Bars - Mobile Bar Hire for all occasions

Company: H&C Bars
Contact: Carly
Counties: Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire

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The Slush Wagon. Quirky Slush Machine Hire

Company: The Slush Wagon
Contact: Joanne
Counties: Northamptonshire, Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire

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Bella Chic Boutique

Company: Bella Chic Boutique
Contact: Debbie
County: Bedfordshire

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Flutterbies Boutique - Ladies' Clothing & Shoes

Company: Flutterbies Boutique
Contact: Lisa
Counties: Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire

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AS Funfair Kiddies' Rides Hire

Company: AS Fun Fair Hire
Contact: Arthur Smith
Counties: Greater London, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire

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Hot & Spicy Paratha Kabab Roll

Company: Hot & Spicy Kabab Roll
Contact: Adil Umer
Counties: Buckinghamshire, Greater London, Bedfordshire

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The Fun Firm Attractions & Fun Fair Rides Nationwide

Company: The Fun Firm
Contact: Charlee
Counties: Cambridgeshire, Essex, Bedfordshire, Greater London, Suffolk

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StonesandSilver - Silver & Dichoic Glass Jewellery

Company: StonesandSilver
Contact: Helen Quenet
Counties: Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire

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CraftyInteriors - decorated wooden boxes, handmade felt, art

Company: CraftyInteriors
Contact: Jacqui
County: Bedfordshire

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Tai Chi Demonstration

Company: Strong Elegant Body
Contact: Zoe Wong
Counties: Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Greater London

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Hatter's Amusements Vintage Children's Fun Fair Rides

Company: Hatters Amusements
Contact: Wayne Hatter
Counties: Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire

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JOG Handknitted - handknitted items for your little cherubs

Company: JOG Handknitted
Contact: Judith Ogilvie
Counties: Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire

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